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Our Purpose

As a volunteer, nonprofit 501c3 organization, our purpose is to attract financial contributions to be used to provide financial support for Donegal Athletics. DAC is a private, independent organization having no legal ties with Donegal School District.

Donegal Athletic Club News

  • Putting with a Purpose +

    The 6th Annual Homecoming Golf Tournament has arrived! You’ve probably heard tales of fun on the course from years past. Now is your chance to register for this year’s Tournament! The deadline to register is October 1, so sign up before there aren’t any spots left.

    The tournament is October 7 at the Highlands of Donegal Golf Course. Fancy yourself a great golfer? Whomever is lucky enough to get a hole in one will receive a remarkable prize! Click here to learn more about the tournament.

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  • Larry Forrey: Commitment to Community, Family, and Athletics +

    Larry Forrey, the new President of the Donegal Athletic Club, has a love and commitment to the Donegal community. Larry has been with the Donegal School District for 38 years. He has not only taught, but has also had the opportunity to coach which has fueled his belief that the Donegal School District is one of Lancaster County’s best kept secrets.

    When asked about his commitment to Donegal, Larry said, “I will continue to serve DAC as a board member and encourage all Donegal Community members to become part of the Donegal Athletic Club. Differences no matter how small or large have the ability to change a life somewhere, some place, some time. DAC is making a difference in the Donegal Community – Why not join the ride.”

    Learn more about Larry and his greatest moment in the Donegal community.

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  • MLB Player Chris Heisey is coming to Donegal! +

    Donegal High School Baseball is bringing Major League Baseball Player Chris Heisey to Donegal! Chris, who has played for the Cincinnati Reds, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Washington Nationals, will be coming to town on November 4 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets will be on sale at the door at 6 p.m.

    Bringing an item for Chris to sign is encouraged!

    Adult tickets are $15, Youth 15 and under are $5. All Youth must be accompanied by an adult.


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  • From the Donegal Indians to the Cleveland Indians: An Interview with Mike Sarbaugh +

    Cleveland Indians third base coach and Donegal alumnus Mike Sarbaugh '85 has quite a few accolades on his professional resume. And he credits the foundation he built as a three-sport athlete at DHS for helping him achieve that success.

    "I had some very good coaches during my time at Donegal," he said. "They definitely made a big impact on me, and I owe them a lot in helping me to get where I am today in my coaching career."

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  • Are You Registered for the Homecoming Golf Tournament? +

    If not, reserve your spot today! We've hit capacity the past few years, so register early!

    The tournament will kick off at 11 a.m. Saturday, October 7 at Highlands of Donegal Golf Course. Proceeds will benefit the Donegal Athletic Club.

    Click here for full details, sponsorship opportunities, and a registration form, as well as information on your chance to win a new car!

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