Memorial Monument

Memorial Monument

The Donegal Memorial Monument Committee (DMMC) seeks to publicly recognize leaders in the Donegal community through inclusion on the Donegal Memorial Monument. These individuals have made substantial contributions that have made a lasting, positive impact within the Donegal School District and/or the community.

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2018 Awardees

John Weidman-John Weidman is a lifelong resident of East Donegal Township and Mount Joy. He raised his family - 3 Donegal graduates. He served on the former School and Home Committee as well as the Finance Committee for the Donegal School District. He was a Donegal School Board member for 12 years and mentored students for 20 years after his retirement. He was also a very instrumental mentor to the DAC Capital Campaign Committee which raised over $1,000,000 of donated funds for the building of the stadium and athletic facility improvements in the Donegal School District

Oliver Overlander II-Oliver C. Overlander II, has been a long term supporter of DSD and a long term community leader. Oliver moved to Marietta in his early 20s to raise his family. He bought and restored an old house on Front Street Oliver served on Borough Council in Marietta for years and was Vice President and then President. He then ran for mayor and was mayor for over 29 years. As mayor, he helped form and then manage the Susquehanna Regional police force. He also helped improve the streets and sidewalks in Marietta and helped buy trees for Front Street which now line the whole street from one end of town to the other. Oliver coached youth baseball with the MYAA for a decade. He also contributed to the Marietta Fundraiser for years and volunteered at stands at the Marietta carnival to raise money for the Marietta Fire Police. Now retired, Oliver supports DAC and donated to the stadium campaign and supports the Susquehanna Theater in Marietta. He is truly a community leader.





2017 Awardees

Anne Milanof - Anne was a long time resident of Mount Joy and Maytown.  A 25 year volunteer that included a member of and President of the Library’s Board of Trustees.  Included in her will, which was read in 1992, Anne had donated $450K to the Library building fund enabling the Library to acquire the land for the current Library.  With her substantial assistance the tiny Mount Joy public Library grew into a dynamic community resource.

Mr Clarence Schock - Clarence was born in Mount Joy 1865 and graduated from Mount Joy High School in 1881.  In 1941 he converted his business into a trust and all the profits from his business went solely to public education in the areas served by the SICO companies.  The SICO Foundation has provided educational opportunities to the Donegal areas in many areas.  Local students entering the education field earned millions in scholarships.   His legacy also provide a gift of $400,000 to the Mount Joy Public Library.  The new facility began serving the community in 1999.

James A. Madara - Jim Graduated from East Donegal High school in 1947.  He served two years in the Marine corp.   For 25 years he served as an active member of the Florin Fire company and Fire police.  He also served two terms as a member of the Mount Joy Borough Council. Jim was very active in the Donegal Braves booster club for several  year.  He was very active in the Saint Mary’s Catholic Church as a usher and grounds keeper for more than 20 years.

Mr Stan Tucker - Stan was the first drum major for the Donegal High School and graduated in 1969.  He has, since graduation, continuously been involved in the Donegal band at all levels from the Junior high, high school and alumni.  Stan is know for adding “pizzazz” to every event and performance, especially with his participation in the community parades.  Stan also participated in the Maytown 250th town celebration as well as the closing celebration of the Maytown Elementary School.  Stan’s continued engagement and service to the community is clearly apparent in his willingness to volunteer at events long after his won children have graduated form Donegal.


We would like to recognize the below people and organizations. They have made significant contributions to the Donegal School District and / or the Community at large.

Founding Organizations and Families

Donegal Education Association
Clarence Schock Foundation
Friends of Gayne Deshler
Friends of Jed Sweigart
Kevin & Suzanne Bradley
Don White
Shrum Family In Honor of John & Marie
Madara Family
McCue & Sheetz Families


Gifts In Kind

Matt Ober - Excavation
Drohan Brick
M & M Masonry