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James “Buzz” Albert Builds Successful Career on Donegal Athletics Experience

Donegal Athletics has produced more than its share of standouts who’ve gone onto successful careers in collegiate professional sports, including many exceptional baseball players. This ’89 grad boasts a career on the field that’s lasted for nearly 30 years—as an umpire. 

James “Buzz” Albert graduated from Donegal in 1989 and was part of the 1988 undefeated sec. championship baseball team. Since then, he’s built a career as an umpire that’s spanned 28 years, 24 of those at the collegiate level. 

Buzz has worked 21 college conference championships, five NCAA regional tournaments, including the 2019 tournament at Mississippi State, and the 2016 NCAA D3 College World Series in Appleton, Wisconsin. Along the way he found the time to also work the 2010 high school state championship. 

These days, Buzz works games in the Big 10, the Big East, the Ivy League and the Colonial Athletic Conference, and spends his summers working Atlantic League and Eastern League games. 

As you might suspect, Donegal Athletics mean a lot to Buzz. He’s a proud member of DAC and its board of directors, and was active in raising funds for the new athletic complex. Like many successful alumni, he got a great start at Donegal and enjoys paying it forward for future generations.